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Wizardrealm was created in 1996, back then known as "Barbarian's Lair", as a personal web site.  In 1999, it acquired its own domain and continues to provide information to the Internet community for free.  You will find no annoying pop-up ads here, and nothing for sale.  

As the webmaster, I have created Wizardrealm in the original spirit of the Internet; that of a place where information may be freely exchanged.  Sad to say, but most of the Internet is no longer that way.  Every day, it become harder and harder to find a site with pertinent information without being bombarded by ads for things that we don't want and don't need.  So Wizardrealm is supported and funded solely by my own efforts, and I intend for it to remain that way.

The navigation links below will take you deeper into the realms.  Enjoy your stay, my friends.

About Me

- My ongoing blog about topics of interest to me. (LiveJournal)

Wizards - Information about Wizards and magic in general.

Metaphysics - Some of my articles regarding metaphysical and religious philosophy and trends in our world.

Tests - A collection of online personality tests to discover more about oneself.

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