1776 - The Resolute Men

The "Founding Fathers of America" often seems an unctuous, pseudo-virtuous phrase whipped upon the masses - too often by the so-called morally upright in what seems an effort to manipulate the masses to conform to their own narrow-minded agendas - but like many myths, the glamorous history of America is founded in fact.

The musical "1776" ably and effectively conveys very precisely the challenges, ethical considerations, hopes and fears of the men who changed - not just the world - but the whole paradigm of what our world could be. Democracy is like Christianity;  a great concept, which would be great if somebody tried it.

Democracy, then, is a work in progress. We're still trying.

 It is difficult to conceive, to truly experience in an empathetic sense, what it was like for the gentlemen of the Second Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia in 1776. The mere fact that citizens from the thirteen colonies were gathered to discuss internal government and welfare issues was, by Brittanic law at the time, a treasonous  act punishable by hanging.

Keep in mind that many of these men had seen men hanged; they KNEW the very real possible consequences of their actions. If they had been intercepted, or if British officers had taken it into their heads that the Congress were taking action contrary to the desires of the Heads of State - namely, the Crown of England - the American forefathers would have been gathered, hanging like so many straw dolls, to populate an orchard of death.

Who were these men? What made them special? Why should we care?

The Second Continental Congress comprised men of various professions and education, economic status, religious beliefs, tastes, skills, and interests. What most had in common was a genuine interest in the welfare of society as a Whole.

 These were men who basically abandoned their home concerns, for about one year, to volunteer their time, diplomatic skills, and ears to hear ideas, opinions and concerns from other colonialists, to discuss possibilities and share solutions, and ultimately, to attempt to define a national identity, as best personified in Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence."

The United States of America is a test site; if Democracy works here, then other nations may be willing to try it. If Democracy works on Earth, other planetary societies may be willing to try it.

Earth, itself, IS a test-site; the paradigms we face here are little more than microcosms of galactic issues that challenge all souls, regardless of origin or destination. The difference is that on Earth we have - not just mental, physical, and astral planes - but mental-physical, mental-astral, astral-physical,, etc., i.e., sub-compositions of "Thought Highways." (Which, incidentally, the Internet, as a medium of communication, is supposed to help support.)

The resolute men of 1776 were men - and souls - of character, who braved a new world to establish precedents and procedural policy that allowed the concept of Free Will to be put into an arena and allowed to duke itself out with one modification - that Free Will must also be guided by Fair Play.

Who were the souls that comprised these resolute men? We call them the Vanguard. In military terms, the Vanguard are the "front-liners", the ones who go into battle and maintain the front lines. They are the ones who deal with direct assault, and also have the best vantage point to observe strengths and weaknesses of opponents and of conflict situations. They are also in the best position - assuming they survive - to learn from others' mistakes.

The Vanguard, then, are among the original group of Souls on Earth. Their karma encompasses most ancient civilizations and societies, but especially those of the relatively recent ones like Greece and Rome, and it has been their guiding purpose to take the best ideas of those defunct societies and put them to work - with some modifications - in an attempt to make them universally effective.

Most of the resolute men, those of the Vanguard, are still guiding spirits for Humanity. They could have - but did not - "retire with honors", because as they see it, their work isn't done yet. They aim to finish what they started, which was not merely a revolution based on material complaints, nor complaints against an un-well monarch, but rather a deep and abiding complaint against a mindless social system based on the superficial appearance of propriety and tradition.

This, then, is the revolution, began more than 200 years ago, that we are still fighting today. Free Will, Fair Play, and Cosmic Mercy. The last has yet to be named and called into play.

The resolute men, the Vanguard, have not forgotten their commitment to Humanity. They just hope Humanity remembers its commitment to itself.

 Freedom. For all.

Love, Galadriel